Tongling Huangting Material Technology Co., Ltd., found and put in operations in October,2020, is a modern manufacturer which specializes in the research,development and production of saturated polyester resins for powder coatings. Located in the East Park of Tongling Economic & Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province, China, our company has an easy access, only 10 minutes by car from Tongling North Railway Station for Hi-speed trains and from Tongling North Expressway junction.

                                      Our productions are run strictly as per the requirements of both ISO9001 and ISO14001 Systems.Our annual output of saturated polyester resins is 120,000 tons.

                                      Our company is controlled by Anhui Taida New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Taida New Materials, Stock Code No.:430372). Our products are widely used in vehicle equipment, road guardrails, agricultural machinery, household appliances, furniture, mechanical and electrical equipment, metals, building materials, vessels, high-speed rails and in other fields.

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                                      No.202 Chizhou Road(North Section of Wanjiang Avenue),Tongling Economic Development Zone,Tongling City,Anhui Province

                                      TEL:86-562-2810018 13365538627


                                      Zip code:244100


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                                      Copyright 2023 ? Tongling Huangting Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                                      By: Qianyi

                                      Copyright 2023 ? Tongling Huangting Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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